Barco One Scrubs

Be the latest to try out the Newest line from Barco Uniforms! This next-gen line of Uniforms combines likes of Fashion, Function, and Sustainability. Together these attributes culminate to form the epitome of what a 21st Century pair of Scrubs is meant to be. Each garment from this new Barco One Collection recycles 5 plastic bottles; all-together effectively reducing energy usage by 84% and reducing CO2 emissions by a startling 71%, thanks in large part to this next generation of comfortable and functional fabric from Barco. 
5 Points of performance:
  • Recycled Fabric
  • 4-way Stretch
  • Soil Release
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistance
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Barco One 5 Pocket Shaped Scrub Top
From $ 27.95 - $ 31.95
Barco One Black Scrub Vest
$ 35.95
Barco One Scrub Jacket
$ 37.95
Barco One Knit Waistband 5 Pocket Scrub Pant
$ 31.95
Barco One 4 Pocket Track Scrub Pant
$ 31.95
Barco One Seamless Long Sleeve Underscrub Tee
$ 28.95
Barco One Wellness Print Underscrub
$ 28.99
Barco One Wellness Mid-Rise Pant
$ 31.99
Barco One Wellness Top
$ 26.99
Barco One Wellness Warmup Jacket
$ 36.99
Barco One Wellness Men's Drawcord Pant
$ 36.99
Barco One Wellness Men's V-Neck Top
$ 28.99